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What is the first thing people will see? Will the visitors find the signup button? Will my button be easily cliquable? Which color will be more efficient?

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$99 per user per month (or $990 a year)

We don’t sell a cat in a bag. Your first day is free. No obligation. If you find Gweezy useful, you pay $99 per user per month (or $990 a year). No hidden fees. No monthly limit : you can test as many screens as you like, you can use all tools without limits and when a new tool is developed, you pay nothing more. You pay online using Paypal Account or credit card.

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One toolbox makes it all. No fussing with multiple applications : we provide ultra-simple tools, allowing anyone to evaluate in a few seconds and at various level (visual impact, easiness to click, …) the quality of any digital screens or design.


Primary Impact

Make each screen look its absolute best. The “Primary Impact” tool designates what will attract the attention of visitors in the first few seconds.


Visual Acuity

Make your graphics just as noteworthy as your words. The “Visual Acuity” tool allows you to make sure that important elements are recognized explicitely.


Catch Efficiency

The “Catch Efficiency” tool measures the ease of clicking on the different elements that you want your visitors being able to easily click on.


Color & Feelings

Enable you to measure psychological messages and meanings of the colors of your digital screens. Color & Emotions tool will bring you some broader insights to the meaning and visitors responses to the colors you choose for your digital screens.

Why we build Gweezy

We are a team of user experience experts with 15+ years of knowledge in the lastest techniques used in interface optimization and creation process : behavior methodology, fixed and mobile advanced eye-tracking, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, … More info on netway.eu

Website-Neurotests1We needed tools to quickly measure screen performance under design phase. After analyzing the market and did not find the tools we needed, we decided to create our own tools.

To create our tools we bring the latest research in neuroscience, millions of eye data collected during our missions, records of activations in brain areas … and we have assembled them into predictive algorithms.

Once we showed our tools to our customers, companies like Google, Nespresso, eBay, … asked us to have access them. Gweezy was born.


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